Million and One

What is “Million and One”, and what does it all mean?

You may be asking yourself this question. Or maybe you’re not. I’m going to answer it either way, because that’s what I do; I pose myself questions and answer them.

I was asked by my fellow indie author friend, KJ Marshall, to do a magazine formatted blog with her. We have a purpose and a goal with Million and One. We want to find indie authors, like us, who are looking for more people to read their stories, ideas, or generally just want their voices heard.

I started writing in 2013. I know most writers spend their whole life dedicated to the craft, but I started late in the game. I had a story that needed to be told, and I already had a following on social media who agreed to read it. If I didn’t have that, then I’d be peddling my story out to the void, never to be read.

Since that first story, which was called Askharoth, I wrote thirteen more. Nine of those thirteen have been self-published, and four of them have made it to paperback so far, Askharoth, my first story, being the latest.

But I haven’t answered that first question. I spent two paragraphs talking about myself. So what is “Million and One”? When KJ and I were pitching this idea back and forth, we needed a catchy name, and nothing was catching. I mentioned that there were already a million blogs or magazines dedicated to writing out there, making us a million and one. Get it? Good.

I hope you join us in this venture as a reader or a writer. It’ll be a lot of fun starting this project from nothing and turning into something. We’ll have more news coming as we iron out the details of what we want Million and One to be. I know there are a lot of writers out there looking for an audience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Budgie Bigelow