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Holy fuck they’re going to kill me.

As I walked home, the images of what I had seen that day would not only be an influence on my search inquiries but also an assistance into my own growth as a person.

It had been a regular day at school, when we were given a project to complete.

The nasally voice of the teacher rang out across the classroom as he announced a standard: “Design a website and use images from the internet to apply to this – blaaaah blaaah.”

His voice droned on for a few more sentences; but my attention had abandoned his monotonous speech, and I clicked on the program we used to build these little “websites” that were little more than poorly-written essays and cut-and-pasted pictures.

So I searched for the usual images I used to adorn this new website when my friend slid over, drifting across the dangerously fuzzy carpet for a room filled with computers, like the snake in the Garden of Eden. He came over, literally just to corrupt my life from that day forward, but I still thank him for that.

“Dude. Check this out.”

He nudged my chair over and grabbed the mouse. It whizzed across the screen to the little ‘settings’ option and clicked open a doorway to a thus far unexplored avenue in my life. Bear in mind, I’m fourteen, naive, and uneducated in the realms of sexuality, bar “wow she’s hot.”

With two clicks, the apple was offered but it was only by clicking “search”. Did I truly bite into the flesh of this forbidden fruit?

And, my, there was a lot of flesh.

In seconds, my screen was filled with various ladies, all somehow more undressed than the last, each revealing themselves in different poses and angles.

My eyes widened, both in awe and terror as this was on my screen, in a class full of about thirty other kids. And the snake bared his fangs.

“Sir! Look!”

The dread hit me almost as hard as the guy who was pounding the girl in the fourth picture from the left.

“It wasn’t m–”

The teacher came over, clicked off the images, and spoke in a hushed tone. He hovered just over my shoulder, the smell of sweat and coffee hung off him as he was not a healthy man.

In one fell swoop, he removed my internet rights and threatened to call my parents because of the incident.

So I walked home, doom lingering about me, but also a wild fascination as to what had been revealed to me: Nudity, for free, and in such vast quantities!

That night was filled with deleted search history, scrunched tissues, and an awakening.

Sexy ladies. Naked sexy ladies. Naked Sexy ladies with boobs. Etcetera. Etcetera.

For the trouble I got in that day, it was well worth the development.


Re: Memory

It was always fun trying to dodge around that filter that they had at school.

I still remember that confused looking hedgehog staring blankly at me in front of his word-art style computer. It never stopped anybody from finding porn at school, though. Those pure geniuses that kept finding websites that hadn’t been blocked and just casually watching this stuff in the middle it, without losing their computer rights or any form of repercussion.

I never quite managed to figure out how they did it, but it sure brought the class together like you wouldn’t believe.

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