Welcome to Million and One!

We’re so glad you’re here! 

We’re pleased to see our following growing as fast as it is!

Are you wondering why we’re here?

At Million And One Magazine, we have but one goal: To showcase and support other Indie-Authors!

You can submit pieces to our page by emailing us and reading our Submission Guidelines.

Did you just self publish a book and are having trouble getting it seen? Send it our way, and we’ll advertise it for you.

Do you have advice for other writers? Send it our way!

Do you just have a short story or blog you feel like sharing? We’d be glad to have it!

Every Friday, you can submit pieces based on prompts given by our prompt master on what we call, Fuckin’ Friday.

We don’t care what genre you are, what your writing style is, or where you come from. If your work needs to be seen, we’re to help it get done.

Authors retain the rights to any and all of their submissions. We’re not here to take over your hard work. We only retain the right to make grammatical edits in lieu of publication on our page.

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See you soon!

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