Sparkle, Sparkle by SixEighty (@six_writing)

Sparkle, Sparkle


“I used to do tricks. Nothing major, simple sleight of hand stuff. The odd, ‘pull a card out of someone’s coat’ type of thing.”


Marlo lifted the tiny glass of water then rotated it slowly eyeing the liquid suspiciously before carefully placing it back onto the steel table.

Officer Gregson watched. He sneered as his mouth twitched but he was able to reign it in after years of experience doing interrogations.

The Magician was brought in because he was the main suspect in a spectacular robbery. Somebody managed to take several fully-loaded armoured vehicles and vanish them in a single night. If last signals were accurate, they were all stolen at the same time.

“Then that happened, didn’t it,” Marlo waved his hands around dramatically for emphasis. He’s used to being a showman, he knows exactly how to hold the audience’s attention and where he wants it. And right now, he wanted it away from from his face as he scanned the room.

“Once that happened, we thought it was the end of the world didn’t we? Well that stopped and the rocks fell, just like everyone will tell you, I grabbed one. A meteor, directly from another planet. Everyone has one. Of course none of us knew what the, ‘side effects’ would be.”

Gregson shifted, he had a piece of it too, but rarely ever wore it. Some of them wore theirs all the time, sometimes resulting in a bizarre addiction.

“Look, we just need to know where you were and what your ability is.”

Marlo flashed Gregson a toothy, startlingly white smile. A pristine moustache adorned his upper lip, framing his mouth like a fireplace.

“My ability, Officer, is the same as it’s always been. Magic. The only difference now is, my magic is a little more, real.”


Marlo lifted his hands, the handcuffs melted off him as if they were made of liquid. He presented Gregson his own keys, dangling them before him tauntingly.

Gregson snatched his keys back and slammed his hand down on the recorder. He stood up and grabbed Marlo then pushed him backwards and slammed him into the wall behind.

“I don’t know if you think you’re clever or if you’re just a prick, but I will get to the bottom of it. Everything you’ve done so far, just incriminates you further.”

“Relax Officer, it’s just part of the show! Now 1… 2… 3…”

Marlo clicked his fingers together and the interrogation room fills with applause.

Steve Gregson looked to his right, blinded by the lights of the stage. There’s blank outlines of clapping hands. Raucous laughter and cheering erupts. He looked back to Marlo and quickly let go then stumbled backward.

“Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! Please give my volunteer another hand, ‘Officer’ Steve Gregson!” A stagehand came onto the stage and lead a bleary eyed Steve off leaving Marlo the Magnificent alone.

The lights got dark leaving just Marlo illuminated. He raised his arms and began to wiggle his fingers, glaring out into the crowd. Sparkling flashes replied as a smile cracked across his face, “Sparkle my beauties… Show me your lights…”

The flashes increased from the crowd, a thick cloak lifted up behind him revealing a glittering blanket of diamonds. It sparkled brighter and brighter until the lights flashed off and plunged the whole theatre into darkness.

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