An Interview with Budgie Bigelow (@BudgieBigelow) by KJ Marshall (@LegitKJMarshall)

Hey guys! In anticipation of Budgie Bigelow’s release of his new book, “Ant-head: A Love Story” on 4/17/2018(tomorrow!), I sat him down for an author interview! We met up at a local coffee shop and chatted while I sipped on my frappe and he on his black, hot coffee.

“Hey!” I said excitedly as I pulled out a chair and sat across from him. He was already there, studying whatever was on his laptop screen.

“Hey,” he said, looking up and taking a sip of his steaming coffee. “Ready to ask me some questions?”

“Hell yea,” I nodded. “You ready to answer ‘em?”

“Yep. Shoot.”

“Okay.” I pulled out my list, and the interview began.

“Please state your name for the record.”

“Budgie O. Bigelow.”

“How old were you when you wrote your first story?”

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, trying to count back the years. “Fourteen, I think? Yea, yea. Somewhere around there.”

“So, what moment made you decide to become an author?”

Well, I had this story in my head that I wanted to read, but since I was the only one with the story, I had to write it. That was “Askharoth”, my first book!”

“Who’s your favorite author, and why?”

As if you even have to ask, KJ! Stephen King! Especially his earlier stuff. He knows how to put together a scene, and everything reading up to it, and he knows everything there is to know about building suspense and getting to the climax.”

I frowned at my empty cup of coffee and excused myself to order a second one. When I was once again seated, we continued…

“How many books have you written to date?”

“Oh, gosh. Seventeen? Eighteen?”

“And how many of them are actually published?”

“Ten… Almost Eleven!”

I hated to ask this question, with his release looming on the horizon, but I asked anyway. “Which of the books you’ve written so far is your favorite?”

“Blood Drive is the one I’ve had the most fun with so far! I love the characters…I just love how it came out!! Soon on my list, is a sequel to that! That’s exclusive info, too. I’ll let you use that.” He smiled and chuckled to himself.

“How long did it take you to write your upcoming release, Ant-head?”

“I can tell you exactly how long it took,” he said, re-opening his laptop. “It normally takes me around a year. Let’s see. May 2017, so yea…right under a year! That’s a personal accomplishment, too, then!”

“What was your inspiration for ‘Ant-head’?”

“Well. Ant-head is kind of a series of true events.” He sighed and took another sip of coffee. “Not all the stories in there are based off me, though. The original Ant-head story in the prologue is something that happened to me, only it was only one ant.”

“Describe ‘Ant-head’ in three words.”

“Ha. Romantic comedy, sit-com, and, I-I don’t know…Fun…It was a lot of fun to write.”

“So, your charming character and narrator, Joe Plume, is obsessed with sit-coms. Is Budgie Bigelow also obsessed with sit-coms?”

“Not to the extent of Joe, but definitely yeah. I just finished watching ‘Cheers’ in its entirety.”

“Alright, Budgie. This is the last question—”

Already?” He crinkled his brow like a child who’s been told he can’t have that cookie before dinner.

“Sadly,” I laughed. “Do you have any advice for authors embarking on the journey to self-publication?”

He widened his eyes and leaned across the table, smacking it with his hands. “Don’t do it!”


“I’m kidding. Don’t do it if you’re gonna be a lazy shithead about it. If you’re gonna self-publish, do it right. You gotta have a thick skin and understand that people are gonna shit on you…and others will offer creative criticism….don’t take it like they’re shitting on you. Make sure that you know that it’s…” He thought of his next words while rubbing his chin. “There’s a good possibly it’s gonna amount to nothin. Make sure you’re doing it for good reasons…writing because you want to be…the chances of you selling your book could be very slim.”

“Damn. That’s really insightful,” I said, gathering up my stuff. “It’s been really awesome interviewing you!”

“I enjoyed it, too! Hope I gave you the right answers!”

“There are no wrong or right answers.”

We stood from the table and shook hands, then walked outside together before going our separate ways.

Budgie Bigelow is an extremely talented writer, hailing from the brisk lands of Connecticut. He started writing in 2013 full-time(as much as full-time can be when you work a full-time job). Among my favorites of his workings are “Askharoth”, of course “Ant-head”, which I was lucky enough to read twice pre-publication, and “Freedom Lane”, which can be found at budgiebigelow.com.

He’s got several books on Amazon that you definitely want in your library. He writes a variety of genres, but never strays from his dark-humorous style, and his way with words will leave you entertained and stunned.

Get yourself his newest release, Ant-Head: A Love Story, in digital or paperback by clinking the link:

Ant-Head: A Love Story

Budgie Bigelow


Co-founder and operator of A Million and One Magazine.

Interview and Bio by: Katherine Marshall (@LegitKJMarshall)


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