The Sci-Fi Fatal Attractions Contest

Get ready for Million and One’s first ever contest!

Have you ever been attracted to someone you knew was bad for you? Have you ever pursued someone even though they weren’t entirely interested? Have you ever been on the other side of someone so obsessed with being with you that they went to extremes to get you to love them?

Has this ever happened on a space station, through time, on an island inhabited by dinosaurs, or on a prison planet?

Million and One presents the Sci-Fi Fatal Attractions writing contest. Write a short story of 7,500 words or less about the subject matter. Stories will be judged by our panel. Cut-off for submissions is May 31st, and judging will commence afterward. A winner will be announced once all stories are read and scored.

Are there prizes? You bet there are!

  • The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction (will be shipped from Amazon)
  • A book cover from Million and One Graphics
  • A 10K word beta-read of any work in progress
  • A 10K word edit on any work in progress

Submissions will be judged on content, creativity, and overall grasp of the subject matter. Only one entry allowed per person, so make it count. All entries must have the title, author’s name, and email address in their story file. Entries cannot be previously published on any sites, books, magazines, or otherwise. Judges’ decisions’ will be final. The winning entry will also be posted on Million and One Magazine’s website and possibly published in a future anthology, along with any other entries.

Have fun and get writing!

Send submissions to amillionandonemagazine@gmail.com as an attachment in .docx or other Word friendly format.