Sci-Fi Fatal Attractions Contest – Two Weeks Left!

Calling all writers!

There’s a little over two weeks to go in A Million and One Magazine’s inaugural writing contest. I’ve heard from a handful of writers, working on their entries with their eyes on the prize! I like what I’ve heard so far, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into these stories!

In case you’re still wondering, here are those aforementioned prizes:

  • The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction (will be shipped from Amazon)
  • A book cover from Million and One Graphics
  • A 10K word beta-read of any work in progress from Budgie Bigelow.
  • A 10K word edit on any work in progress by KJ Marshall.

The rules are simple. Write a short story, no longer than 7,500 words, about our subject prompt: Sci-Fi Fatal Attractions. Maybe someone’s clone tries to kill its creator because it’s fallen for his wife. Maybe an alien becomes obsessed with the human it’s probed. Maybe a robot has fallen for a state of the art android and plans on wiping out all of humanity so they can be together.

It’s your story, so get creative with it. The deadline for entries is May 31st, and judging will commence soon after by the Million and One contest panel. Prizes will be awarded once a winner is decided.

And now for the fine print…

Submissions will be judged on content, creativity, and overall grasp of the subject matter. Only one entry allowed per person, so make it count. All entries must have the title, author’s name, and email address in their story file. Entries cannot be previously published on any sites, books, magazines, or otherwise. Judges’ decisions will be final. The winning entry will also be posted on Million and One Magazine’s website and possibly published in a future anthology, along with any other entries.

Email stories to submissions@amillionandonemagazine.com, and make sure to add “Fatal Attractions” in the subject line.

Don’t put it off any longer. Get your brain in sci-fi mode and start writing!

-Budgie Bigelow

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