Advice sometimes comes from the oddest places. In this case, I overheard this verbatim from the guy who works at my local laundromat. “Just free yo’ mind and ya ass will follow.” So there it is. Kind of a bastardization of an old cliche and possible stolen from an En Vogue song, but there it […]

So leading into the spooky season I’m trying to keep my prompts at least partially spooky-related. This is one that I wouldn’t interpret as Halloweeny, but some might. Truth be told, this was my reaction to the whole #Bowsette thing going around. In our world there are several subsets of people all into shit that […]

So here’s a subject prompt to coincide with the Million and One Halloween contest. Check it out and enter if you’re not a dick. But also if you are a dick. Being a dick doesn’t necessarily disqualify you. Maybe. I don’t know, Dan and Mel are running it. Ask them. Anyway, people get desperate when […]

Yeah, dating is all about managing expectations. This is especially true in the modern age where hundreds of better candidates are right at your romantic prospect’s finger tips. But there’s no need to go through the entire rigmarole of bettering yourself. Who needs that nosie? With a little gaslighting and such you can coerce anyone […]

Today’s prompt comes from our own Mel Westcott (formally KJ Marshall) who had a late night visitor one night and inspired this. It works as an opener as well as a dialogue. “The fuck you doing here so late, man?” It’s interesting as a late night, unexpected visitor can lead to so many things. And […]

If there’s one thing I wish I did more of it’s characterization prompts. So here’s one based on this lady at work. And oh Jesus, is she one nasty fucking piece of crap. She made me wonder if the devine creators had a contest to see who can make the most unpleasant person in the […]

So another week has gone by like whoa. Where the literal hell does the time go? We have some shit going on that makes us kind of hate life and all this fucking shit and shit. So today’s Fuckin’ Friday prompt comes from our own Katherine Marshall who think life can just fuck right the […]

This one can be many things. Maybe it’s a line of dialogue. Maybe it’s an opener. Maybe it’s the opening to a letter you write to your ex and never send. Maybe. Not that that’s where it’s from. Okay, that’s what it’s from. Anyway, we all have those fantasies and imaginary conversations in our heads […]

Okay, so here it is. An opening line to get you writing this weekend. People often have many reasons for doing what they do, not all of them financial. So here is your Fuckin’ Friday writing prompt: I didn’t even need the money. I just wanted to be used. So give it a go and […]

Every time I come up with a good metaphor I think of Jack Nicholson’s line in As Good As It Gets: “People who talk in metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch.” But sometimes one is so apt that I just can’t help it. So I keep getting harassed by bees. Maybe it’s just because it’s nesting […]