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Content Guidelines

  • No hate speeches or negative pieces geared toward any specific race, religion, sexuality, or nationality.
  • 18+ content is acceptable, should the author choose to do so. We are here to promote full creativity.
  • No nude artwork unless done so tastefully.
  • We accept works of fiction, parodies, nonfiction, fan fiction, and blog pieces about worldly and social matters or writing.
  • Any pieces labeled as “fan fiction” must pay homage to the original show or story, and must not stray from the original theme.


Submission Guidelines

  • Original pieces only. Nothing previously published or self-published.
  • A Million and One Magazine retains the right to edit any submission as we see fit for grammatical errors and allotted space, whether it be interviews or otherwise.
  • Authors and Artists retain all rights to their submissions.
  • Please limit article word counts to 1600 words or less.
  • Please limit short story word counts to 2500 words or less unless otherwise specified by prompts or contests.
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  • Artwork should be sent in jpeg or jpg format.
  • Be sure to put a one or two-word description of your piece in the subject bar of your email(i.e – blog, short story, prompt). Have your name, the title of your piece, and your word count in the body of the email.
  • Please limit one submission per week.